1. How do I save images to my hard drive?
  2. How do save and extract zipped files?
  3. How do I view videos?
  4. What is the download speed?
  5. Whom can I send comments and questions about this homepage?
  1. Press the right mouse button over the image and select Save Image from the menu.
  2. Select the interested images, then click on the CLOUD. The images will be sent to your browser in a zipped package, which can be extracted using any ZIP or RAR file utility.
    We recommends WinRAR. Macintosh users can use Stuffit Expander.
  3. All videos comes in the MP4, DIVX or MKV (container) format, playable with Windows Media Player (except H265 / HEVC) and many other players.
    We recommends VLC Player, which can be downloaded and installed for free. VLC plays HEVC.
  4. Your download speed is dependant on the speed of your internet connection.
    If you are unsure of what your connection speed is, you can test it here: Internet Speed
  5. Support Contact Form